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A falu gazdasági helyzete


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The name of the village was Nagygéc earlier; supposedly, the word Géc derives from the name Gergéc, the hypocoristic form of the proper name Gergely. The landlords of the region had been the Kacsics clan, probably by the right of the first claim, that is, since the Hungarian conquest. At the beginning ot the XIIIth centuri Ban Simon of the Kacsics clan held possession of the village, from whom King Andrew II had it seized on account of his participation in the assassination of Queen Gertrude. Later the Szák clan took possession of the settlement. In 1274 Pósa II of the Szák clan donated the village to Farkas of the Kacsics clan, the ancestor of the Szécsényi family. Charters from the XVth century mention three additional villages: Felsõgéc, Középsõgéc and Alsógéc. All three villages were destroyed during the Turkish rule. Country tourism has a bright perspective in the settlement with a beautiful site.




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